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Monday, July 26, 2010

Brainstorming for the future

Since our game has been on hold, I have been thinking about that I would want to run should I decide to dip a toe back into DMing. It is freeing to know that you don't have a deadline and can really let your imagination stretch a bit.

Setting wise, I really am falling in love with Eberron, but might need to retcon some of the Drow lore. I have no problem with the Eberron Canon of them being more tribal and surface dwelling, but thankfully Pg.197 of the Eberron Campaign Guide discusses a possibility of a split having taken place between the worshipers of the SpiderQueen and the Xen'drik drow worshiping Vulkoor the Scorpion God.

The Underdark version of Drow would be a nice surprise for the party as the character's will have not encountered this breed previously but you know PCs. They can't help but get a goosebump or 2 when their metagame senses start to tingle. I would love to introduce them to their first Drow via roumor and innuendo of townsfolk. Something like this.

Rumors: check results…

dc 10 should tell them that there is a vigilante in the woods

dc 15 should tell them that it is a ranged weapon user, aka bowman in the woods killing bandits

dc 20 the vigilante is thin, wears a dark cloak and has dark skin

dc 25 is accompanied by a dark large cat like creature

Hopefully, they will get the impression that you have some sort of Robin Hood or Drizzt out there, I suppose you could lead them as far down that road as you wanted too...especially if their characters start asking leading questions that would lead them to assume it was everyone's favorite good aligned Drow ranger.

Npc idea: Drow Ranger w/Displacer beast companion

Shadows the party.

When she decides to confront the party, they must roll to notice her,

Then to notice her pet…seeing only her will show a rustling behind her but not the Displacer beast.

I am not wanting her to be evil per sea but certainly she will not be on the pc's side nor good aligned despite the townsfolk's creative imagining.

Next idea comes with the party being sent out to investigate a haunting that has been plaguing a farming community in the Nightwood between the borders of The Mourning and Karrnath. The Farmers complain of there fields being trampled and hearing the sounds of a great battle during the night. They are too afraid to investigate in the pitch black dark but in the light of day they find discarded weapons, scraps of armor and cloth, footprints, piles of ash and puddles of blood but never any bodies. The party will eventually discover that this area is the subject of a nocturnal turf war between some Vampires from Karrnath and some Drow from the Underdark of Khyber.

next week we start back into our game, and I can't wait.

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