RIP Hunter

Monday, August 16, 2010

Squad logo

{courtesy of Ms. E}

There's a wolverine, of course, and black clouds to symbolize the Day of Mourning. (Coincidentally, clouds in heraldry symbolize mystery or obscured truth.) There's also a scaling ladder and tower, which symbolize being fearless in attacking, and being on guard against enemies both spiritual and corporeal. The bend (diagonal line across the shield) symbolizes military victory and honors. The colors - gold, meant to show elevation of the mind, silver for sincerity, red for military strength, and black for constancy - show off the different personalities of our party well, I think. Finally, I found this nifty, steam-punk-y graphic art that I layered in the background in place of the traditional mantle (scroll work).

Ah, and of course, the motto - 'Fragosus Viam Ducent' - which is Latin for 'Crash leads the way.'